National web training “Research Ethics for Researchers in Medicine”

In a joint initiative, the seven faculties of medical sciences in Sweden have developed a web training module to raise awareness about research ethics and to emphasize ethical conduct in research.

“Research Ethics for Researchers in Medicine” is intended for graduate researchers who need to update their knowledge or learn about research ethics. For persons with a PhD degree from a country outside of Sweden who are planning to conduct research within health and medical sciences in Sweden knowledge about Swedish legislature is mandatory and this course is strongly advised. It should be noted that this training is not intended to be part of the PhD-student education programs at universities in Sweden.

The training is mandatory for all supervisors with doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health. If you are supervising a doctoral student at Örebro University, but are employed elsewhere, we strongly recommend you to take the training. If you are working within a medical faculty, please contact the administrators at your own university to register. If you are not connected to a medical faculty please contact admin at Örebro University at any of the e-mail addresses below. 

The aim of the training is to give an overview of research ethics and to introduce ethical guidelines and regulations that researchers in Sweden are obliged to adhere to.


  • Ethical principles and how to conduct ethical deliberations
  • Ethical aspects of research with human participants
  • The content and implications of the Swedish Ethical Reveiw Act and when and how to apply for ethical permission
  • The definition and consequences of research misconduct and how this is reported and handled in the Swedish context
  • Publication ethics including the Vancouver rules and ethical conduct regarding authorship and open science
  • The specific regulations concerning researchers at Swedish government agencies

Training structure

The training is administered in a number of sub-modules. Each module has an introductory video lecture and suggested reading material. Each module is concluded with an online test comprised of multiple choice questions. 

Registration and admission

You register to the training by filling out the form below. The registration information will be sent to the course administrator on the 15th of each month. 

IMPORTANT! If you haven't completed the training by the end of the semester you need to register again. We urge you to complete the training at the latest on January 15th or August 31st. 

A diploma will be issued following successful training completion including approved answers to the multiple choice questions. The diplomas will be issued at the end of each semester.

In case you have any questions or are in a hurry to get a diploma, please send an e-mail to research administration at your faculty school.

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Registration Information

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