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X-ray Computed tomography (CT scan) is a technology that is developed based on conventional digital X-ray technology. In medical application this is used to generate 3-D images of the patients organs used for diagnostics. In industry the technoque is used both on component level for detecting mistakes in asembly and on material level to detect defects in the materials.

This project aims to develop understanding of material systems with mixed materials. It involves both processing of, and in use properties of, mixed material systems. The work is focusing on joining of mixed materials for light weight applications and coating systems. We seek to develop an increased understanding of how joining of dissimilar material works. What happens in the joining process and how does this affect the 3D structure? How does the 3D structure influence the performance of the system? Thus, central to the work is the 3D structure, including defects of the joining section of the system. The project is utilizing the strength of CT-scan and involves image analysis, finite element modeling and materials testing.

Picture of damages in drilled holes in a CFRP composite investigated by CT-scanning.

Damages in drilled holes in a CFRP composite investigated by CT-scanning.

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  • Örebro University