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Gambling and problematic gambling in deaf and hearing impaired young people

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Karin Fröding

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Achieving optimal health is a human right and a goal for society. Deaf and hearing-impaired young people are a high risk group regarding health and lifestyles. There are indications that young people with disabilities gamble to a greater extent than adolescents without disabilities. Whether this applies specifically to the group deaf and hearing impaired adolescents is a knowledge gap. There is a need to increase knowledge about gambling and problematic gambling in deaf and hearing impaired adolescents. The pilot study aims to investigate the prevalence and type of gambling problems in deaf students (16-19 years old) and to identify the group's risk / protective factors for problematic gambling. A further objective is to  initiate collaboration on the implementation of an intervention directed to the target audience.

Research funding bodies

  • The Public Health Agency of Sweden


  • Carina Persson, Region Örebro Län
  • Margareta Lindén-Boström, Region Örebro Län