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Susanna Geidne

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences

Email: c3VzYW5uYS5nZWlkbmU7b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 302176

Room: G2126

Susanna Geidne

About Susanna Geidne

Susanna Geidne has been an associate professor in Public Health Science since 2017 and a senior lecturer in Sport Science since March 2017. She has a Bachelor of Education in Physical Education from Örebro University and a PhD in Public Health Science from 2012. Susanna has been employed at Örebro University since 2006 and previously worked in the subject Public Health Science.


Susanna’s research focuses on practice-based health promotion research with sports as an arena. This includes research on health promoting sports clubs based on different starting points, levels and target groups. The research is often conducted in cooperation with public health and sports practitioners.

Susanna is part of the research team ReShape.

She is responsible for the research project Health-promoting sports clubs (HPSC) and participates in the European ERASMUS + project “Creating mechanisms for continuous implementation of the sports club for health (SCFORH) guidelines in the European Union” as part of this project.

Susanna partakes of the project Education for sustainable sport management, through which a competence-oriented sport management program will be developed.

Previous research

During 2016-2019 Susanna was responsible for the project Voluntary work within project's funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. The project aimed to investigate how volunteering was organized within projects with funding from the Swedish Inheritance Fund.

During 2003-2016 she was a member of the research team Power and commitment–alcohol and drug prevention by non-governmental organizations in Sweden financed by the Swedish Public Health Agency (earlier the National Board of Health and Welfare, followed by the National Institute of Public Health). Publications are reported below. 

Susanna Geidne was responsible for the studies:

  • Leisure-time as a setting for ANDT-prevention - a study about adolescent's health and leisure-time activities. The study, which was running from 2011-2016, aimed to increase knowledge about youth leisure activities and the importance of youth leisure time activities as health promotion. There are several publications reported below.
  • Doped via supplements? A pilot study on doping and supplements in sports clubs in Sweden ran during 2016. The project was a collaboration between ORU, RF SISU Örebro County and the Swedish Sports Confederation. The project is currently dormant.

She also participated in the study:

  • The School as a setting for ANDT prevention - a longitudinal intervention study of kontraktsmetoden and Triaden, which ran between 2011 – 2016. There are some publications listed below.


Susanna teaching mainly consists of supervision of theses at the undergraduate and advanced level within in the PE-teacher education and the Sport Management programme. She also teaches subjects related to her research topics and research methods; preferably focusing on mixed methods.

She is currently supervising three PhD students:

  • Jan Mustell 2018-  (Co-supervisor)
  • Rasmus Karlander 2022-  (Main supervisor)
  • Lina Mrak 2022-  (Main supervisor)

 Earlier PhD-students:

  • Helena Ericsson (2022) (Main supervisor)
  • Ingela Fredriksson (2016) Licentiate (Co-supervisor)

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