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Supranationalization of EU Criminal Law

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Jacob Öberg

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One of my future research projects will aim to take further my doctoral research to ask a more fundamental question of European law. Whilst my doctoral dissertation ascertained the constraints that are placed on the EU legislator in the exercise of its legislative powers, it did not examine in detail the question of what the developments in EU criminal law say about the nature of the European legal order in general. It is the latter which is the focus of my postdoctoral project. The project is to be divided into two parts. The first part explores the concept of ‘supra-nationality’. This part will comprehensively explain which criteria determine the degree of ‘supra-nationality’ that a certain field of EU policy enjoys. Based on the criteria developed in this part, the second part of the project examines whether EU criminal law has, in fact, been ‘supra-nationalized’. The ultimate objective of this project is, by examining the developments of EU criminal law, to provide an enhanced understanding of the ‘supra-national’ concept.


Limits to EU Powers: A Case Study of EU Regulatory Criminal Law ( Hart Publishing, 2017, forthcoming)

EU regulatory criminal law- competence, limits and judicial review (2015) SIEPS Report, SIEPS 2015:4

Do we really need criminal sanctions for the enforcement of EU law’ (2014) 5 New Journal of European Criminal Law, 370-387


Research funding bodies

  • Örebro University