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INDIGO - Industrial Digitalization in Practice

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Nader Asnafi

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Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Innovation and Industry:

Swedish industry faces challenges. Digitalization drives the industry's already high conversion rate and opens for new business models. Especially for small businesses, it is a huge challenge to keep up with the rapid technology development.

Digitalization of industry's products and production, as well as the ability to transform growing data volumes into new business, is crucial for the industry's future competitiveness.

Companies in Swedish industry should be leaders in digital development and exploit the potential of digitalization. The strategy  Smart industry will help Sweden to be world leader in modern and sustainable industrial production that is smart, flexible and resource efficient and that can provide attractive workplaces.

This project, INDIGO - Industrial digitalization in practice,  is one of several initiatives now being taken in the country to promote increased use of digital technology in Swedish SMEs.

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