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Age-related hearing impairment (ARHI) - a longitudinal epidemiological study.

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Elina Mäki-Torkko

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The aim of the study is to investigate prevalence and risk factors of hearing impairments in a population-based sample of 850 older adults from Oulu (Finland) and surrounding areas, who were included in the European multicenter study ARHI (QLRT 2001-00331) when they were at the age of 54-66 years. We are now conducting a follow-up study in order to investigate progress of ARHI. The project is conducted at the University of Oulu, Finland in collaboration with professor Elina Mäki-Torkko.



  • Martti Sorri, Uleåborgs Universitet
  • Pasi Ohtonen, Uleåborgs Universitet
  • Samuli Hannula, Uleåborgs Universitet
  • Venla Lohi, Uleåborg Universitet