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The PIA Study - Promoting Integration and Adjustment of Newly Arrived Youth and their Families

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In progress 2019 - 2025


Metin Özdemir

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The PIA Project is a collaboration among researchers from Örebro University (leading institution), Karolinska Institutet, Umeå University and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

Between 2013 and 2017, nearly 200,000 refugees had their asylum applications in Sweden granted – one third of these were children and adolescents. Despite a lot of work to support adolescents and their families, the challenges with integration cannot be ignored. Providing additional support may help adolescents and parents to gain a foothold in Swedish society.

The main goal of the PIA Project is to develop programs that may help the integration and adjustment process of newly arrived immigrant youth and their parents.

We aim to develop interventions that are evidence-based, cost effective, intuitive, and can be implemented easily. For this purpose, we bring together state of the art perspectives and methods from prevention science, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, and public health fields.

The PIA Project has multiple phases:
Phase 1: Qualitative Interviews with the target groups
Phase 2: Development of program manuals
Phase 3: Pilot tests and optimization trials of interventions
Phase 4: Randomized controlled trial of interventions
Phase 5: Dissemination

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Research funding bodies

  • The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (FORTE)
  • Swedish Research Council
  • Vinnova