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Health care workers - experiences of workplace incidents that posed a risk of patient and worker injury: A critical incident technique analysis

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Emma Nilsing Strid

Health care workers (HCWs) are at high risk of occupational injuries and approximately 10-15% of patients are affected by an adverse event during their hospital stay. Knowledge is needed to improve safety for patients and HCWs. This study explores HCWs’ experiences of workplace incidents that led to injury or posed a risk of patient and worker injury, with focus on HCWs’ actions and emotions. A qualitative design using the critical incident technique was employed. Semi-structured individual interviews were held with 34 HCWs from three regions in Sweden. Data were analysed using inductive category development.



  • Axel Ros, Region Jönköping, hälsohögskolan/Jönköping akademi,
  • Charlotte Wåhlin, Region Östergötland, Linköpings universitet,
  • Susanne Kvarnström, Region Östergötland,