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How different types of hypoxia affect neuromuscular markers, metabolic stress and associated mechanisms during a 8 weeks hypertrophy strength training

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The main objective of this study is to compare the functional (maximum strength and muscular power), physiological (neuromuscular adaptations and variables related to oxygen saturation, metabolic stress and mi-RNA) and morphological adaptations (weight, muscle volume, lean mass and fat) of a 8 weeks hypertrophy training period in three different conditions: hypobaric hypoxia, normobaric hypoxia and normoxia. For this, a longitudinal experimental design with repeated measurements and comparisons both intra- (pre-post treatment) and inter-group (hypobaric hypoxia vs. normobaric hypoxia vs. normoxia) will be used. Three groups will be compared: live low & train in hypobaric hypoxia; live low & train in normobaric hypoxia, and live & train at sea level, acting this last as a control group. The established altitude condition will be the corresponding or equivalent to 2320 m asl.

Forskning kring hypoxi