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The objective of the ReMOTE project is to enable distributed care by allowing home users to collect vital information regarding their health status and communicate this information to a health professional. The product idea is to have available a small sensor package that consists of relevant sensors and a corresponding applet (app) that provides the intelligent data processing. The data processing satisfies two requirements that are currently not seen already on the market:
1) personalized health monitoring and
2) real time alerts.

Personalized health monitoring is critical as it was found in ReMOTE that an elderly patient often already suffers from a series of multiple ailments and conditions and what are known as reasonable factory limits can not apply. Further, physicians today have limited insight on how values vary when continuously monitored as traditional medicine takes and approach of discrete sampling. For example, how pulse and blood oxymetry relate in a sick patient overnight is difficult to predict and there is a lacking of models that enables a further understanding of these parameters in relation to the ailment per se. Real time monitoring is also essential as it enables the possibility to provide warning or timely intervention of healthcare personnel and take also a preventative approach to monitoring. This product will therefore be able to
measure a "norm" for a specific patient and not just consider standard values and therefore be useful as a monitoring device over extended periods of time.


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  • NovaMedTech