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Factors of importance for morbidity and mortality in incident type 2 diabetes cases

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An excess morbidity and mortality in people with diabetes mellitus compared to those without diabetes mellitus is well documented in clinical trials and cohort studies. It is also documented that intensive treatment of hyperglycemia and hypertension is beneficial compared with conventional treatment.

At the primary health care center in Laxå, diabetes research has been performed since 1972 and all individuals with diabetes are presently in a diabetes register. Laxå is rural and a small municipality of 565 km2 in Örebro county, central Sweden.

To describe incidence, prevalence and mortality. Analyse and describe how the metabolic control affects complication in large and small vessels and also, see how blood pressure contributes to complications.


Subjects and methods
The study was undertaken in Laxå and the study base consisted of the Laxå municipality population during the period 1972-2001. A diabetes cohort was identified consisting of all prevalent cases on 31 December 1971 and all new diabetic cases since 1972, a total of 1096 cases of which 776 was incident. Clinical data including blood glucose, body mass index, blood pressure, type of diabetes treatment, and other diseases were collected from the records every year.

One article is published in Diabetologia april 2007 and one article is under construction.

Research funding bodies

  • Region Örebro County


  • Dan Andersson
  • Kurt Svärdsudd, Uppsala universitet