Environmental sociology

Presentation of the environmental sociology section, Örebro University
Environmental sociology is about environment-society relations. Environmental problems are something that is created by and must be solved by society. Accordingly, sociological perspectives and research are crucial to our understanding of how environmental problems result from societal structures and human actions and what possible ways there are to deal with them. Within the environmental sociology section at Örebro University we study issues related to transboundary environmental problems, such as climate change and biodiversity loss. The research covers areas such as the role of expertise in environmental governance, interaction between science, politics and the public in environmental regulation, environmental representation and communication, and social movements’ and individual engagement in societal transformation towards sustainability, as well as the conceptual development of environmental sociology.

Monika Berg, senior lecture
Magnus Boström, professor
Karin Edberg, postdoctoral researcher
Karin Gustafsson, associate professor
Viktor Hedermo, doctoral researcher
Rolf Lidskog, professor
Martin Lind, senior lecture
Erik Löfmarck, senior lecture
Daniel Sjödin, senior lecture
Adam Standring, postdoctoral researcher
Sebastian Svenberg, lecturer and doctoral researcher
Ylva Uggla, professor
Oskar Waara, doctoral researcher
James White, postdoctoral researcher

Previous members:
David Redmalm (2008-13)
Benedict Singleton (2012-19)


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