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For supervisors in Medical Science with a Specialisation in Healthcare Sciences

If you are or aspire to be a supervisor for a doctoral student, this page will provide you with important and helpful information about your assignment.

Each doctoral student must have at least two supervisors, one of which is appointed as the principal supervisor. The principal supervisor must have at least associate professor competence and be employed at Örebro University. At the Faculty of Medicine and Health, an unpaid associate professor in the medical science field with employment within the Region Örebro County and with an affiliation to Örebro University can also act as the principal supervisor. There is no corresponding requirement for assistant supervisors except they must have at least a doctoral degree.

At least one of the supervisors must have completed Örebro University's course "Supervising PhD students" or have the equivalent qualifications.

What does it entail to be a supervisor?

As a supervisor you should provide support and guidance; help them plan their studies in the individual study plan (ISP) with annual follow-ups; and aid the doctoral student’s ability to reach the goals for their education.

In addition, you are expected to:

  • Have a professional relationship between yourself as a supervisor and the doctoral student
  • Along with the doctoral student, show mutual respect for each other's situations and competencies
  • Regularly discuss and plan the structure and organisation of the supervision
  • Early clarify expectations both from you as a supervisor and from the doctoral student
  • Have an open dialogue to solve any problems that may arise as early as possible
  • Continuously review and provide feedback on manuscripts and related material
  • Support the choice and application of research methods as well as the choice of postgraduate courses and literature
  • A continuous dialogue about the principles of research ethics and ethical actions is of paramount importance. As a supervisor, you must set an example regarding research ethics standards and good research practice
  • Support and teach how applications for research grants are written
  • Create conditions in which the doctoral student can obtain valuable contacts and networks, both national and international in the given research area, in order to pave the way for continued career paths after the defence of the doctoral thesis.
  • Contribute to the doctoral student being able to participate in international conferences
  • Prepare the doctoral student for the mid-way seminar, the final review and their defense of the doctoral thesis


One important part of your assignment as supervisor is to help the doctoral student to find appropriate doctoral courses. Örebro University offers several doctoral courses, you can read more about them here. We also encourage the doctoral students to take courses at other universities and/or institutions, either in Sweden or abroad. 

Doctoral courses at faculties of medicine at other universities in Sweden:

Remember that the doctoral student must apply for credit transfer for all courses taken outside of Örebro University. This includes courses given by Örebro University Library.

If you are unsure of whether a course is appropriate to include in the doctoral education, please contact the specialisation coordinator and/or the head of subject.

Information and forms

Information and forms

On this page you find more information about doctoral education, as well as links to necessary forms.


Research at the School of Health Sciences

Here you can read more about the research at the School of Health Sciences.

Inactive doctoral student

These guidelines describe an administrative procedure for following up inactive doctoral students, investigating the reasons why they are not actively studying and taking the measures that are appropriate in the individual case. The head of school is responsible for this.


Specialisation coordinator: Mats Eriksson
Director of studies: Maria Hälleberg Nyman
Study and research administrator: Johanna Hulldin