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School of Health Sciences


The School of Health Sciences is a center for pioneering research and education in health-related fields. Our dynamic and diverse research groups are at the forefront of important areas of innovation at a regional, national, and international level.

Our researchers are committed to fostering collaboration, actively disseminating knowledge, and pushing the boundaries of innovation. We take a lifelong perspective and thoroughly investigate the impact of health on different age groups, considering the dynamics of disease, health, and disability over time.

Our overarching goal is to translate research findings into solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into daily life. Whether in education, clinical practice, diagnostic and monitoring methods, community engagement, the workplace or sport, we are committed to making a meaningful and lasting contribution to the health and well-being of individuals and society.

Read more about the research conducted at the School of Health Sciences under each research subject: 

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Information about the research subject Biomedicine.

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Disability Research

Information about the research subject Disability Research.

Medicine students in front of building at Campus USÖ.


Information about the research subject Medicine.

A nurse measuring the blood pressure on a patient.

Nursing Science

Information about the research subject Nursing Science.

A woman in a wheelchair and a man kneeling next to her

Occupational Therapy

Information about the research subject Occupational Therapy.

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Public Health Sciences

Information about the research subject Public Health Sciences.

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Sport Science

Information about the research subject Sport Science.

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Research Groups

List of research groups at HV