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The International Office provides services to all incoming exchange students who wish to study within our exchange programme. If your university has an exchange agreement with Örebro University, you can spend a semester or a full academic year here.

Jan Burkle

What is your experience with the Bachelor’s Course (Kandidatkursen) in Film Studies at Örebro University?

The project itself was fantastic, as I have a great love for theoretical work. The first part-course [“Film Theory”] provided the opportunity to dig deep into a subject I had only been able to scratch the surface of at my home university. The second part-course [“Theory, Method and Academic Writing”] was also very helpful – while I had already taken similar courses in my home university, I still did not want to miss it as it was a perfect preparation for writing the thesis, which we did in the third part of the term.

I got great supervision and found the courses to be really interesting. The courses not only gave me many new ideas and concepts, and thereby allowed me to write the thesis in the first place, but were also always entertaining and fun to attend, which in turn made my time in Sweden all the more memorable.

How did the Bachelor’s Course meet your expectations?

After being back in Germany for a good two months now, I can say that the course absolutely fulfilled all of my expectations and even surpassed many of them. The way in which I was introduced to the field of film studies, as well as the way in which the degree project took place, were both more than satisfactory and has impacted my way of studying and me personally in a great way.

How did you find the campus life at Örebro University?

Even though I was an exchange student and not able to speak Swedish, it was possible for me to take part in many aspects of the campus life. To name just two of these aspects, I was able to work in the kitchen of Kårhuset, which was a great way to get in touch with the Swedish students while also financing a trip to Lapland. The other great aspect was the range of sport activities in which I was able to participate. The gym has to be highlighted here, in which I was able to get in touch with many Swedish students, which made the working-out part even more rewarding.

Tips for future exchange students?

The biggest tip I can give is probably to be brave enough to apply to a program like the bachelor term if one can get credit for it at the home university, as it is incredibly rewarding to finish a whole thesis and the courses manage to prepare one for the task more than enough.
The other tip I can give is to not just hang out with the other exchange students but be open to the Swedish students, as this is the best way to get to know the character and culture of the Swedish people – which should be an important part of the student exchange in my humble opinion.

What are your own plans for the future?

After I graduate from the CCM program (Communication and Cultural Management), which have a strong focus on cultural studies and aesthetics, I will probably strive to complete a master’s degree as well. Ultimately, I want to get into the broad field of cultural management, as I like the idea of changing a local cultural scene through my work and I live for the idea of bringing people and cultures together.

Exchange students autumn 2017

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