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Application, Admission and Visa

Application deadlines for admission and housing

April 15 for autumn semester and full academic year
October 15 for spring semester

Where can I find the application form?

The application for the autumn semester 2018 and full academic year 2017/18 has closed. Next application round will open in September.

How can I apply for admission?

Please check that your home university Coordinator has nominated you in our online nomination form. There will be a link to the nomination form sent out to all Coordinators at our partner universities and they will be able to make nominations until April 10 for the autumn semester/full academic year and October 10 for the spring semester. 

You apply in our online form and there you are asked to upload the supporting documents as pdf. No hard copy or emailed copy is needed. The online application is an application for both admission and housing in the same form. You also have to make your coure selection in the online application. Please follow the instructions on the online application.  

What are the technical requirements for the online application?

The online application has been optimized to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, Firefox 5 or higher. We cannot guarantee that it will function correctly with other browsers. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the application form. Adobe Acrobat Reader should be installed before beginning the application process. For the application process, your browser must enable cookies and JavaScript. For security reasons, your log-in session will automatically be timed-out if you have not entered data during this time.

Download Acrobat reader

What documents do I have to send in with my application?

The mandatory supporting documents to the application are:

  • An official transcript of records written in English. The transcript of records must state all courses, grades and credits obtained at university level, both undergraduate level and, if applicable for you, postgraduate/master level.
  • For Music students only: recordings have to be sent via email to This is an email address The recording should contain two instrumental/vocal pieces. 

What documents have to be signed?

Your home university Coordinator has to fill in the online nomination form. A link to the form is sent out directly to the coordinator. No signatures are needed from you or your home university for the application form.

When is the application deadline?

For autumn semester or full academic year: April 15
For spring semester: October 15

When and how will I get my Letter of Acceptance?

We will send out your Letter of Acceptance via email to the email address you used in your application to Örebro University. This will be done about 3-4 weeks after the application deadline.

When and how will I have my Learning Agreement signed?

Only for Erasmus+ students

Your Learning Agreement will be signed at the earliest in the beginning of December (for the spring semester students) and at the earliest in the beginning of June (for the autumn semester students). It is the study advisors of the school to which the majority of your courses belong that will sign it. Please don´t send the Learning Agreement in advance. 

How can I apply for Residence permit/Visa for studies?

Depending on where you come from, you may need to apply for a residence permit and/or an entry visa before you come to Sweden. If so, please make sure to apply as soon as you receive your Letter of Acceptance. Please note that Örebro University cannot assist you in the visa/residence permit application process!

European Union students

If you are a citizen of a member country of the European Union (EU) you do not need a permit to enter Sweden.

The Swedish Migration Agency's information for EU citizens

Swiss students

If you are a Swiss citizen you have to apply for a residence permit in Sweden if your stay exceeds three months.

The Swedish Migration Agency's information for Swiss citizens

Non-EU students

All students with a citizenship in a country outside the European Union (EU) are required to obtain a residence permit before entering Sweden. Please read the information on The Swedish Migration Agency's website or get in touch with a Swedish Consulate/Embassy as soon as possible to get further information on what is required in order to obtain the residence permit. You will need the Letter of Acceptance when applying for the residence permit.

The Swedish Migration Agency's information for non-EU citizens

Residence permit cards for non-EU citizens

When granted a residence permit, you will receive a residence permit card which proves that you have permission to be in Sweden. The card features a microchip that contains your fingerprints and photograph.

The Swedish Migration Agency has decided that people who do not need an entry visa and have been granted residence permits may enter Sweden and have their residence permit card issued here. If so, you should visit an office of the Swedish Migration Agency as soon as possible after you have received a residence permit and have arrived in Sweden. 

The Swedish Migration Agency's information on Residence permit cards