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Our Arrival Day for the spring semester 2022 is Sunday 16 January 2022. You can pick up your keys between 10:00-20:00 that day on campus. Please arrange your trip accordingly, e.g. if it is not possible for you to make you way to campus until 20:00 we advice you to arrive in Sweden on 15 January 2022, find an overnight stay in a hostel/hotel and pick your keys 16 January 2022.

We would like yo ask you to fill out our arrival form so we know at which time you will arrive. Please note that it is not possible to move in our student accommodation before Sunday 16 January 2022. If you arrive earlier in Sweden you do need to find your own accommodation on your own costs. If you plan to arrive later than our Arrival Day (16 January 2022) our International Student Assistant will contact you to make the necessary arrangements, however we might not be able to guarantee you the same service.

We look forward to having you as an exchange student at Örebro University!

Arrival Form Spring 2022




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Do you have any food dietry?
Do you need a Swedish SIM card during your time in Örebro?

We are currently looking into the option to offer a Swedish language crash course on beginner level for our exchange students. The course will be held so it will not clash with your courses and you will be able to obtain a certificate if you do attend at least 80 %. Most likely the course will be held approx. twice a week during a 3 weeks period. For a better planning it would be good to know an approx. number of participants. Is a Swedish course under the written conditions something you would like to participate?

Would you be interested in a Swedish course?

By submitting this form I approve of Örebro University using this information throughout the Orientation Programme and your exchange semester. If you have any questions, please contact the International Student Assistant at This is an email address.