Informatics, Introduction to IT Security, Second Cycle, 7,5 Credits

This course focuses on basic concepts of securing digital information present in computer systems and networks. The modern world relies on information and its flows and protecting that information is essential for the stakeholders. Information security is achieved through securing assets of a computer system including its hardware, software, data, and processes. In this course, we will look into such topics relevant to information security including i) common security vulnerabilities in computer systems, ii) security of platforms e.g. operating systems, Web, and databases, iii) techniques for cryptography, iv) intrusion detection and protection in computer networks, v) physical security, and vi) techniques for secure system development. After completing the course the students will be able to analyze computer systems and networks from an information security perspective and suggest and apply appropriate countermeasures

ECTS Credits

7,5 Credits

Level of education

Second cycle, has only first-cycle course/s as entry requirements (A1N)


Örebro University School of Business

When is the course offered?

Prerequisites: Informatics, Basic Course 30 Credits, 30 Credits at intermediate course level within Informatics and successful completion of at least 15 Credits at advanced course level within Informatics. Alternatively Business Administration, Basic Course, 30 Credits, Business Administration, Intermediate Course, 30 Credits and successful completion of at least 15 Credits at advanced course level within Business Administration. Alternatively 30 Credits within G1N in Computer Science and 45 Credits within G1F in Computer Science. The applicant must also have qualifications corresponding to the course "English 6" or "English B" from the Swedish Upper Secondary School.

Selection: Academic points

Course syllabus

Application code: X2009