We hope that you have had a wonderful semester at Örebro University! Before you leave there are a few things to do, except for saying goodbye to all new friends and studying for the last exams.

Transcript request

The transcript for the autumn semester will be sent in late February, and for full year and the spring semester in late June. The transcript will be sent to you and your coordinator by email, but you need to fill in a request. In the form, you need to fill out your personal identity number. You find your personal identity number in Ladok in Studenttjänster (in the top right corner next to your name).

The request form for the Spring semester 2020 is now closed. If you haven't filled out a request, or if you need a hard copy, please emailThis is an email address and state the name and address to the recipient.

Get signatures for departure documents

If you have documents regarding your attendance at Örebro University from your home university to be signed before you leave, please email This is an email address. If you have left Örebro early because of Covid19, please contact your home university before sending us the documents and ask what dates they want us to sign: sometimes its the date you left Örebro and sometimes the last day of the semester. If you're still in Örebro, please note, documents will not be signed earlier than three days before you plan to leave Örebro.

Please note: if you need a signature for your Learning agreement (Erasmus students only) visit the study advisor at the responsible School. The International Office can not sign Learning agreements. 

Fill in the evaluation form

We also want you to fill in our evaluation form. Your opinion is valuable to us, so that we can continue to improve for future exchange students. It will only take a few minutes and your opinion do matter. The link to the form will be sent to you by email before the end of the semester.

Clean your dorm room and hand in your keys

Follow the check list from the Housing Office to make sure that you leave your dorm room in good shape for the next exchange student to stay in.