Building as an Energy System II, 7.5 Credits

The overall goal of the course is to acquire knowledge and skills about system structure and functionality of building services systems including heating system, domestic cold and hot water system, sewage system and ventilation system in buildings. After completing the course, the student should be able to:
· Explain what parameters control the indoor thermal climate and how a good thermal comfort can be achieved in the building
· Account for hygienic requirements for indoor environment, air, and drink water quality
· Describe the construction and materials for water and sewage systems in buildings
· Describe the function and materials for different types of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
. Design heating and ventilation systems for buildings based on their construction, usage, and geographical location
· Work and report on a building services project
· Calculate energy consumption of the buildings

ECTS Credits

7.5 Credits

Level of education

First cycle, has less than 60 credits in first-cycle course/s as entry requirements (G1F)


School of Science and Technology

When is the course offered?

Prerequisites: Construction Engineering I, 7.5 Credits, Construction Engineering II, 7,5 Credits and 6 Credits from Algebra and Calculus for Students in Engineering, 15 Credits.

Selection: Guaranteed place

Course syllabus

Application code: X5807