Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision, 7.5 Credits

Digital image processing has many uses: improving and altering photos or videos, analyzing medical images from for instance X-ray and PET/CT examinations, or making a robot equipped with video cameras recognize different objects or obstacles. This course covers different techniques for processing digital images, such as different types of filtering to make images sharper or smoother, segmentation to recognize surfaces with a certain colour, as well as methods for recognizing different shapes. The course contains both theoretical reviews and practical exercises.

ECTS Credits

7.5 Credits

Level of education

Second cycle, has only first-cycle course/s as entry requirements (A1N)


School of Science and Technology

When is the course offered?

Prerequisites: Digital Signal Processing for MSc in Engineering, 6 Credits. The applicant must also have qualifications corresponding to the course "English B" or "English 6" from the Swedish Upper Secondary School.

Selection: Academic points

Course syllabus

Application code: X5620