Global Sustainability, Safe Chemicals and Risk Assessment, Second Cycle, 15 Credits

The course addresses the relationship between human and environmental health and sustainable global development from an economic, ecological, and social perspective. A focus of the course is on national and international chemical risk assessment approaches to provide a fundamental understanding of how hazardous substances are regulated to protect humans and the environment. By this, the course provides a clear link between national and international chemical regulations and effects on the environment and human health based on the UN's global goals for sustainable development.

ECTS Credits

15 Credits

Level of education

Second cycle, has only first-cycle course/s as entry requirements (A1N)


School of Science and Technology

When is the course offered?

Prerequisites: A first-cycle qualification comprising at least 90 credits with successive specialization in a natural science area of which at least 60 credits with a progressive specialization in Chemistry. The applicant must also have qualifications corresponding to the course "English 6" or "English B" from the Swedish Upper Secondary School.

Selection: Guaranteed place

Course syllabus

Application code: X5822