Evaluation Spring Semester 2023

We would really appreciate if you could fill out the evaluation about your exchange semester at Örebro University. Your thoughts are important and will help us improve our work!

Evaluation Spring 2023



How did you find out about exchange studies at Örebro University?
Why did you choose Örebro University? You can choose more than one option:
It was easy to fill in the online application for Örebro University:
It was easy to find enough appropriate courses for my studies:
It was easy to find the information I needed on the university webpage https://www.oru.se/english/study/exchange-students/
All questions were answered when I emailed the International Office via This is an email address:



It was easy to get started with the digital platforms of Örebro University:
It was easy to find my schedule and get in contact with my teachers regarding course related questions during the semester:
How satisfied have you been with your lectures and seminars?
It was easy to get in contact with the International Office regarding non-academic questions:



I was placed in:
I feel the rent is reasonable:

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