Departure date form

This form is for exchange students who will leave Örebro at the end of this semester. We would like to know when you leave Sweden and hand in the keys to the Housing Office, L1613 ( Långhuset). The last date of sending in the form is  15 May  2024.

You can hand in the keys during visiting hours, Monday-Friday 8:00-9:00 + 13.00-15.30 at Housing office in Långhuset L1613 if you leave before June 5, 2023. Alternative is to drop the keys in key deposit located outside on the wall, on the right side of the entrance at Entréhuset.

Latest day to hand in your keys is Monday 3 June, 2024, before noon 12.00.

In case you leave Örebro on a weekend, during public holidays  or outside office hours somebody else can hand in the keys for you. In that case we would like to know who that will be, so we are able to contact that person if necessary.

In case your departure date changes after 15 May, you have to send an email to This is an email address.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email to This is an email address.

Departure date form

When registering, I consent to Örebro University processing the personal data I have entered in the registration form, for the purpose to get information about the departure.

More information on how Örebro University processes personal data can be found on the webpage Processing of personal data at Örebro University.