Corridor-style living

Corridor-style living

These facilities are available to both exchange and master’s students.

On Campus there are apartment blocks with student corridors. There are eight/six student rooms in each corridor. Men and women live in the same corridor. The kitchen and the living room are shared with the other students living in the corridor. The rooms each have a private bathroom and WC. The rooms are 18.8 square meters (202 square feet) and designed for one person.
In this house its allowed to keep pets. Smoking indoors is prohibited.

The rooms shown as unfurnished in the 360 photo come with standard furnishings.

The rooms shown as furnished in the 360 photo are examples of how you can style your room.

For the bathrooms shown in the 360 photos, there is more information under the tab Accommodation. There you will find details of housing arrangements in terms of own/shared toilet, kitchenette/kitchen etc.