Degree certificate

The degree certificate
The degree certificate specifies the degree you have completed, the main field of study, the included courses, grades for the courses and the date they were completed, as well as the date the degree certificate was issued. The degree certificate is bilingual in both Swedish and English.

Diploma Supplement
Attached to your degree certificate is the Diploma Supplement. This supplement describes the education and its place in the Swedish education system. It facilitates the recognition and crediting of a Swedish degree for employment and further studies abroad, as well as in Sweden. The Diploma Supplement is issued in English.

Digital degree certificates
Degree certificates are issued digitally from 1 January 2024.
You will receive a notification by e-mail when the degree certificate is issued and you download the degree certificate directly from Ladok for students. The degree certificate you download is a representation of the decision on your qualification that is stored in Ladok. Therefore, you can download the degree certificate as many times as you want, and the information will always be identical to the current decision on the degree.

The digital degree certificate consists of a PDF file with an e-stamp. The degree certificate is e-stamped. This means that the document cannot be altered after it has been downloaded from Ladok and shows that it comes from a credible source.

Degree certificate issued on paper
Until 31/12 2023, the degree certificates were issued entirely on paper. This type of degree certificate is an original document and is only issued in one copy. You can not receive a new degree certificate if you lose it. We can send a copy from our archive, by mail or as a scanned PDF copy by e-mail. 

You can not recieve a digital degree certificate if your degree cetificate has been issued on paper. 


Verification of a digital degree certificate
Verification of the stamp can be done by uploading the document to Ladok's verification page. It is also possible to verify the e-stamp through an established PDF reader.

On the last page of the degree certificate  there is more information regarding the e-stamp and how to verify its authenticity.

Share the degree 
You can share information about your degree certificate with, for example, a potential employer. When you share the degree, you receive a verification code and a link to a website where information about your degree is displayed. The verification code is valid for six months, allowing you to include it in your CV and share it with multiple individuals simultaneously. 

You share your degree by:
• Logging in to Ladok for students and go to ”Degrees and certificates”
• Selecting ”Share certificate”
• Sharing the retrieved control code with any recipient

This works for both digital diplomas and diplomas issued on paper.

Verification of a degree certificate issued on paper
Paper degree certificates can be verified by sharing degree information in Ladok for students or by contacting the university for verification.