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Group study room

Four persons sitting in a group study room

All group study rooms on campus Örebro, campus USÖ and Congrego are booked via the resource booking in KronoX.

You may not have more than 4 bookings a day and no more than 8 active bookings in total. Remember to check in.

Book a group study room

1. Book your group study room at the KronoX webpage

2. Log in with your ORU account.

3. Go to Resource booking.

4. Choose the study room that you would like to book

Remember to check in

Before entering your scheduled group study room you have to check in. Check-in is 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the start time. If you haven’t checked in the room will be free to book for others. If you have booked more than one hour you need to check in every hour. Check in at the KronoX webpage

How do I check in?
In the same way that you see availability in the group study rooms in each building, you also get a list of your bookings to the right side of the page. There you can click on "confirm" to check in. If the booking has not started, you also get the option to "cancel" your booking.

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