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Your course syllabus contains information on the forms of examinations that are used on your course. Two common forms are written exams held in exam halls and take-home exams. There are also other forms of examinations such as written assignments, essays, seminars, and hand-in assignments to mention a few.

How do I sign up for an exam?

Exams in exam halls

Signing up for exams in an exam hall is compulsory. If you have not signed up, you will not be allowed to take the exam. You must then wait until the next time the exam is offered.

Signing up for exams in exam halls is done in Studentforum where you will also get information on the sign-up period applicable for your particular exam. The last day for signing up is always five days before the day of the exam.

Take-home exams

Signing up for a take-home exam may be done in a number of ways. Your school will let you know what applies in the case of your take-home exam.

Where will I take my exam?

Exams in exam halls

Exams in exam halls always take place at Örebro University. There are two large exam halls (L001 and L003) in the basement of Långhuset. There is also an exam hall in Teknikhuset (T143). Often, students taking exams share the exam hall with students in other courses. The location for your particular exam is listed in Studentforum/Exam sign-up as well as in the exam schedule.

Take-home exams

Your school will provide instructions on where and how you should complete your take-home exam.

When will I take my exam?

Exams in exam halls

You are able to view details such as time and location for you exam in Studentforum/Exam sign-up as well as in the exam schedule. Do make sure that you check the time and location the day before the exam in case of any changes.

Take-home exams

Your school will provide instructions on when and for how long you are allowed to work on your take-home exam.

When and how will I get my marked exam back?

Your exam should be marked within 15 working days of the day of the exam. You will be able to see your grade in Studentforum/Credits and grades awarded.

Exams in exam halls

After you have received your grade, your marked exam paper will be scanned and made available in Studentforum. The scanned exam paper is your original. The paper copy will be weeded after a month. If you want to collect the paper copy of your exam you can do so at the Student Services Centre after it has been scanned. Please bring your exam receipt and proof of identity.

Take-home exams

Collect your take-home exam at the Student Services Centre in Långhuset. Remember to bring your exam receipt or proof of identity.

Anonymous examinations

At Örebro University, written exams are coded and your exam will therefore remain anonymous during the marking process. At each exam, you will receive a new anonymous code.

Exams in exam halls

Your anonymous code will be given to you in the exam hall on the day of the exam.

Take-home exams

You will receive your anonymous code from your school.

Adapted examination for students with a disability

If you have a documented disability you are entitled to have your exam adapted to your special needs. Contact one of our disability coordinators in good time before your first exam so that arrangements for an adapted exam can be made.

To come in contact with a disability coordinator, go to Studying with disabilities.

Urkund – plagiarism check

Urkund is a system for plagiarism detection used across the university. This web-based system is used at all schools to check essays, reports, written assignments, and take-home exams. You will receive information from your school on when and how you should use Urkund on your course.

Urkund – plagiarism checker

I have not completed my course and have trailing credits

If you did not complete your course during the semester in which you had registered for it, contact the study advisor or study and research administrator at the appropriate school in order to complete the course.

It is important that you take the examination as prescribed in the course syllabus that applied at the time you were registered on the course or that you in consultation with the study advisor decide on how best to complete the course. Course syllabuses are revised from time to time and perhaps the course design is different today from when you were registered on it.