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Security information

The safety measures at Örebro University aims at creating a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors. While on Örebro University's premises, there are a few things concerning security and safety that you should know about. Read more under each section.

In case of emergency – dial 112

In the event of accidents and other emergencies, you should always call 112. If there is an emergency which constitutes a hazard for people, property and/or the environment. Always state your name, where you are and what has occurred.

Reporting faults, damages and incidents

Urgent matters

Office hours:  019–30 30 00
Non-office hours: 019–324 325 – Securitas

Examples of urgent matters are: water or gas leaks, power cuts or other faults where there is risk for damage/accidents.

Non-urgent matters

If you as a student discover faults, defects or damages that do pose an immediate emergency, please make a fault report. Examples of faults are broken furniture or equipment, signs, blinking fluorescent tubes, malfunctioning printers, audiovisual equipment or networks.

Please fill in the fault report or Contact Security Officer