Publishing your thesis in DiVA

DiVA is a publishing platform and open archive for student thesis and research publications.

Why you should publish in DiVA

During your studies, you have likely discovered that you can review other students’ thesis. It is important to be able to study what others have previously investigated and the results they have found. Now, it is your turn to contribute to the common knowledge by publishing your independent project or thesis.

Publishing in DiVA is an opportunity to present your work and the subject you have chosen to delve into. In addition, you might want to add a link to your thesis, for example, when applying for a job.

Archiving and consent to publication

At Örebro University, there is an approved routine that students’ independent projects that form the basis for a professional, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree are to be archived electronically in DiVA. Örebro University is an authority and must comply with Sweden’s regulations for official documents, public authority’s archives, and public statistics. The school’s programme administration archives students’ thesis. It is then up to you whether or not you want your thesis published and publicly available.

Your preference of publication requires an active choice in the consent form below. More information about the publishing options on DiVA is included in the form. Örebro University’s endeavour is that all independent projects are published in full text on DiVA.

Processing of personal data

Therefore, the university will also process the personal data required to comply with applying regulations. In addition, your personal data is stored for as long as required by the regulations for official documents and public authority’s archives. If an official document is requested containing your personal data, Örebro University may disclose it if the document is not classified.

Questions about how Örebro University processes your personal data are answered by the university’s data protection on This is an email address. If you have complaints about how Örebro University is processing your personal data, you can also turn to the Swedish Data Protection Authority. Örebro University is the data controller, and This is an email address is the system manager.

For more information or questions, please contact your school.