Exam schedule

Registered students

All examinations are published in your course schedule. You can for example find your course schedule in Studenttjänster. 

Uncompleted courses (re-take examinations)

If you have uncompleted courses, and thus do not have access to the course schedule in Studenttjänster, you can find the schedule in KronoX. Change the language to English at the top of the page.

  1. Go to the tab Advanced search
  2. Under "Activity type", choose Aktivitetstillfällen
  3. Click the box "All search criterias must match"
  4. Click the button "Show schedule"
  5. A new window (or tab) will open showing all published examinations at Örebro University.
  6. To filter your search resuts even further: close the newly opened window/tab and type in more search criteria. E.g. which course your exam is in.