Farewell Package 2021


International Master's students registered on their last semester of studies and intend to graduate this semester are warmly welcome to register for our farewell package.

Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, a physical farewell ceremony cannot be held for our international Master's students who will be graduating at the end of this semester. However, as the end of your studies here at Örebro University, and the beginning of your time as an alumnus marks a special moment we would like to send a farewell package to all of you that will end their studies of one of our international Master's programmes. 

The package will include besides others a congratulatory letter, a farewell gift, as well as a memory from Örebro University. 

The package will be send by the end of May to the address (worlwide) you will provide below. Note: Every one is welcome to sign up, it does neither matter if you are Swedish or of another nationality, nor if you study at a distance or are in Sweden. 

Registration for farewell package

If you are able to pick up the package yourself we might be able to put in a small extra that we won't be able to send via post.

Are you in Örebro end of May and can pick up your package yourself?

We will send the package end of May. Please provide an address we can send the package to. The address does not have to be yours (in case you are moving within that period), but can also be the one of your parents or a friend.

It is important that you state it like this:
First name Last name
Street name + house number
Postal code, city

If you are able to pick it up on campus please write "I can pick it up on campus"

I am a student studying an international Master's programme at Örebro University and intend to graduate during summer 2021