Checklist exhibition space

Opening hours

Örebro University is an open environment for students and staff, which means that entrance doors are open for most of the day and there are many people on the premises. The opening hours for each building can be found here. (in Swedish)

Campus USÖ

To find out where to put display tables and stands, contact caretaker Tommy Larsson, 019-30 39 33.

Rules of conduct

Never block an emergency exit.

Serving or consumption of alcohol is not permitted.

There must be no loud music or activities by the stands causing disruptions in the study environment.

The display and related activities must be contained to the rented space, you may not set up just anywhere on the premises. You may not use a hard-sell approach towards passers-by.

By the display, only the handing out of leaflets or other information material is permitted.

Debates and speeches are only allowed in lecture theatres.

The exhibition space must be left neat and tidy. All material, advertising, posters etc must be removed.

On Campuses Örebro and Grythyttan, smoking indoors or within a 15-metre radius of all entrances and fresh air intakes is not permitted. On Campus USÖ, smoking is not permitted, neither indoors or outdoors. This applies to the whole hospital area.

For allergy safety reasons, pets or other animals are not allowed on university premises.
Örebro University is an allergy-friendly university. Remember not to use products or things that may cause problems for persons with asthma, allergies or other sensitivities, for example nuts, strong perfumes, fragrant flowers, fir or birch twigs etc.

Smoke machines, popcorn makers and similar equipment that could generate smoke or otherwise set off the fire alarm are not permitted.

In the event of an alarm/fire

There are fire alarms in all rooms and facilities. Aula Nova has a talking alarm.

In the event of a fire alarm, the building must be evacuated without exception!
Getting here

Information on how to get to our campuses, maps, information on parking etc, can be found here.