Checklist for venue rentals – Campus Örebro

Collecting the key

The person managing your booking will let you know if you need keys and/or a key card to access the rooms you have booked. Normally, these are picked up in the reception in Entréhuset (opening hours Mon–Thu 08:00–16:45, Friday 08:00–16:00). Keys/key cards are returned in the post box labelled “Post till universitetet”, to the right of Långhuset’s middle entrance.

Opening hours

Örebro University is an open environment for students and staff, which means that entrance doors are open for most of the day and there are many people on the premises. The opening hours for each building can be found here. (in Swedish)

AV equipment in rooms and lecture theatres

Lecture theatres

  • PA system, including microphone
  • Projector
  • Computer (VGA + HDMI sockets)
  • Hearing loop

Lecture rooms

  • Projector

Note that if your computer requires an adapter, you need to bring one.
If setup assistance is not included and you need additional technical support during your event, book this with the person who is managing your booking.


If you need Wi-Fi for your event, place an order for this with the person who is managing your booking. Note: place the order at least a week before the account will be used.

Rules of conduct

You have access to the venue during such time specified in the agreement. All participants must leave the premises by the agreed end time for the rental, as stated in the agreement.

As the organiser of an event, you are responsible, under the Public Order Act, for making sure that order prevails during the event.

Never block an emergency exit.

The maximum number of people permitted in each room must not be exceeded.

After use, the venue must be left in a good condition, which means that all furnishings/equipment must be put back in their original positions and rubbish must be thrown in bins outside the room in question.

If you need help in taking care of rubbish/packaging material, it is important that you bring this up with the person managing your booking.

Smoking indoors or within a 15-metre radius of all entrances and fresh air intakes is not permitted.

For allergy safety reasons, pets and other animals are not allowed on university premises. The exception is guide dogs and/or service dogs. Should you need to bring a guide dog or service dog, inform the person managing your booking.

Örebro University is an allergy-friendly university. Remember not to use products or things that could cause problems for persons with asthma, allergies or other sensitivities, for example nuts, strong perfumes, fragrant flowers, fir or birch twigs etc.

Smoke machines, popcorn makers and similar equipment that could generate smoke or otherwise set off the fire alarm are not permitted. Aula Nova and the Concert Hall are excepted, however, as those venues are designed to particular specifications. Inform the person managing your booking if you intend to use the type of equipment mentioned above.

For events where alcohol will be consumed, a licence must be obtained. It is your responsibility as the organiser to procure such a licence.

In the event of an alarm/fire

There are fire alarms in all rooms and facilities. Aula Nova has a talking alarm.

As the organiser, you are responsible for finding out how to execute a smooth evacuation. You are also responsible for informing the participants of evacuation routes and procedures in the event of an alarm. Evacuation plans are found in every building. These plans outline procedures in the event of a fire and the location of the assembly point. Study these prior to your event.

You must also have a dedicated person in place, in the event of a fire or other emergency, who will initiate an evacuation if required (often the moderator or someone else near the stage). This person is also responsible for locating the assembly point and for establishing contact with security officers and emergency services for instructions on when it is safe to enter the building again.

In the event of a fire alarm, the building must be evacuated without exception! Fire and rescue services are always called out in the event of a fire alarm. The person on your team responsible for liaising with the emergency services must seek them out as they arrive.

A response team is also called out in the event of a burglar alarm going off. During daytime, they will contact the university and during night time they will contact Securitas.

Campus Örebro

Getting here

Information on how best to get to Örebro University can be found here.


Information on car parks on campus can be found in Google maps

Rooms and facilities

An interactive map of Campus Örebro can be found here. Use the map to search for specific rooms and venues.


Booking/eventsJeanette Andersson, 019-30 36 19/070-611 36 19
AV services Aula NovaTony Gustafsson, 019-30 39 31/070-268 39 31
AV services Concert HallGustav Sundh, 019-30 39 83/070-268 39 25
Urgent matters out of office hours (eg problems with alarms, locked out etc) – Securitas, 019-32 43 25