Information about requesting official documents

About requesting written examinations as official documents

Dispatch fee

We dispatch copies of official documents following the Fees Regulation (1992:191) Sections 15-16. This means that we dispatch up to 9 pages without charge. The fee for the tenth page is 50 SEK, and each subsequent page costs 2 SEK. If you make several different orders on the same day, the total number of pages is summed up to one total charge.


  • An order for documents totalling 9 pages – no fee.
  • An order for documents totalling 10 pages – 50 SEK.
  • An order for documents totalling 11 pages – 52 SEK.
  • An order for documents totalling 12 pages – 54 SEK.
  • and so on. 


If your request results in a fee, that fee will be sent to you as an invoice. Therefore, you must check that the information you have typed in is correct and up to date.

If you have not received your invoice after three weeks, do not hesitate to contact Info Centre, and we will help you.

Your personal information

By using this form, you agree to the conditions of Örebro University receiving and registering your personal information. Your information will only be used for invoicing purposes and is therefore only shared with Finance Administrators at the Finance Office of Örebro University. We will not share your information with any other party.


It can take up to 5 working days to respond and/or deliver the requested documents.

I do not want to state my identity

Swedish law does not require you to state who you are to request the dispatch of an official document. We ask for your name so that we may invoice you for any costs arising from the dispatch of public documents, per the Fees Regulation (1992:191) Sections 15-16. If you do not want to state your identity, you are welcome to visit the Info Centre in Långhuset, where we will help you with your request.

How to fill in the form

Fee limit

We request that you specify your desired maximum fee to avoid unexpectedly high fees using the form below. This means that your specified maximum fee will govern how many documents we will dispatch to you.

As an example, a person requests copies of 3 documents with a fee limit of 100 SEK. The 3 documents are 42 pages in all, which would have cost 114 SEK. Instead, we will exclude an 8-page document and dispatch 2 documents to the person ordering, totalling 34 pages at a total fee of 98 SEK. This way, the person’s fee limit of 100 SEK is not exceeded.

Examination type

There are different types of examinations. An Examination in hall is mainly written by hand in a hall. These examinations are all digitally archived through scanning. A take-home examination is usually written using a computer over a longer period of time to finally be handed in to the Info Centre or on Blackboard. A digital examination in hall is written on a computer using the program WISEflow.

Please note that an examination that has been handed in digitally on Blackboard cannot be requested from the Info Centre but rather from the School responsible for that examination. You can request the Blackboard examinations using this contact information.


We prioritise dispatching examinations that have received the grade VG (Pass with Distinction). Otherwise, we offer to dispatch answers that received a grade G (Pass) instead. There can also be other types of grades, such as A, B, C or 1, 2, 3, etc. We do not consider how many points a certain examination question has received, only the grade.

Course code and examination code

The course code always consists of 6 characters, e.g. KR700G, and refers to a particular course. You can find the course code in the syllabus. Search for syllabuses here (the page is in Swedish).

The examination code always consists of 4 characters, e.g. 0100, and refers to a particular examination method in a particular course. It is therefore important to include both course code and examination code. You can find the examination code in the syllabus. Search for syllabuses here (the page is in Swedish).

Seeing as the course and examination codes may change if the course changes its name, it is helpful to write the name of the course and the name of the examination.

Examination date

The date of the examination from which you are requesting examination papers. If this field is left empty, we will choose a document nearest in time that fulfils your request.

Number of documents

Indicate the number of documents you would like to request from the specified examination date. If you want to request more documents from different examinations dates or codes, you can use the text box below.

Anonymous code

If you want to request a particular person’s examination, write their examinations code here. If this box is left empty, we will choose an examination for you. We will prioritise the grade Pass with distinction.

Confirm before you send your request

To find the documents you want to request, you must provide the correct information. If you are missing some of the information, please check the syllabus for the specific semester. You can also contact your course’s Study and Research administrator.