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Hearing technology/AV


Here you may borrow without cost the following equipment: digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player, voice recorder and hearing equipment. Some equipment requires proof from your teacher/tutor provided it is intended for school-related activities. The lending period is limited to one week, giving all students equal benefit to audio-visual equipment. You received information on borrowing conditions when you activated the university card as a borrowing card at Technical Support Services.


We copy and convert video tapes of recorded work according to the rules of the Copyright Act.

Portable hearing equipment

Portable hearing equipment is available for borrowing, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver with a neckloop. There are also loops designed for seminar groups and meetings where everyone around a table is to be heard.

Please bring your course schedule when booking. Together we can determine if you will need portable equipment or if the room has an installed T-loop.

Hearing technology and installed equipment

Rooms and facilities with permanently installed hearing technology are listed here