Hand in/ submit an assignment

Open assignment to read instructions and download files

  • Log in to the course. Go to the assignment and click on it's name.
  • A tab opens to the right on the page, where you find information about the assignment; t ex due date and time, if late submissions are accepted, if grading will be anonymous, attempts etc.
  • Click on the button "View assessment" to open the assignment.
  • On this page you might find instructions from the teacher and/ or files to download. To download a file, click on the three dots to the right of the file name and secet "Download".
  • To close the assignment, without submitting anything, click the X-ixcon in the upper left corner.

Hand in/ submit your assignment

Follow any instructions given regarding filename and fileformat. If you've been instructed to send in your file to Ouriginal, do this first and wait for a reciept with a conformation number.

  • Log in to Learn and open the assignment.
  • Place the cursor field under the heading "Submission". The content editor is activated.
  • If you've emaild the file to Ouriginal, type in the comfirmation number and then attach your file.
    • Click on the paper clip- icon to search for and attach your file. A dialog "Edit file attribute" appeatr, Click the button Save.
    • The document has now been added to your submission. Please check that the corret file has been attached.If you need to change file, click the Trash- icon to delete exixting and upload a new file.
  • To submit your attempt, click on the button Submit.
  • A confirmation- promt is shown. Click on the button "Submit" to confirm submission.

The submission is now complete and an comfirmation/ reciept is shown on the screen. You also get a confirmation sent to your email.