View marks and feedback

Log in to the system and open the course
Click the link Gradebook (upper the left corner of page)
Click on the assignment's name
On the tab to the right, klick the link "Your Mark"
If you submitted one attempt, the sumission opens automatically.
If you're submitted multiple attempts, click on the attempt you want to open.

Feedback can be provided in several ways:

  • Comments directly in your uploaded document (visible in the main window)
    Download the commented document using the Download-icon in the toolarea.
  • Comments in the textbox "Feedback for student" on the panel to the right.
  • In a rubric. If a rubric is used you'll find it on the panel to the right.

NOTE! Some browsers' built in PDF- readers does not show all annotations in and the swedish letters å,ä,ö is renders incorrectly in downloaded document. It's recommended that you download and save the document on your computer and then open it in the program you have installed on your computer for viewing pdf- files, f ex Acrobat reader.

Overview toolarea in Bb Annotate

A. Thumbnails
B. Use the arrows to move between pages in document
C. Pan mode
D. Zoom in/ out
E. Anpassa visningsläge av dokument
F. Print
G. Download annotated document
H. Search in document

screenshot toolbar annotate