Eduroam for Chromebook

Here’s how to connect your Chromebook to the wireless network (Wi-Fi).

Connect to ORU-Public

On the webpage that opens, select To eduroam (Till eduroam).

(If it doesn't appear go to in Google Chrome)

Select Install.


In the new tab that opens, select Add (Lägg till).

Select Add the extension (Lägg till tillägg).

Return to the tab Örebro university-eduroam in Google Chrome.

Select Sign in

Use your ORU account to sign in:

- employee:

- student:

Enter your ORU account password.



Select Download

In Chrome, select the tab Network (Nätverk).

Select Choose file (Välj fil).

Choose SecureW2.onc and then Open (Öppna).


You can now connect to eduroam. Select eduroam under Network (Nätverk) in the status bar (bottom right).


Select Connect (Anslut)