Quick reference guide for connecting to Örebro University´s Wi-Fi network

Note: Do not use your ORU account password to connect to the Wi-Fi network

  1. Create a password
    To use Örebro University’s Wi-Fi network on your mobile, tablet or computer, you must first create a password. To do this, visit our website http://www.oru.se and at the bottom, select Wireless networks.
    Button for create/change password for wireless account

  2. Open Settings
    Click on settings button

  3. Select Connections
    Settings select connections

  4. Select Wi-Fi and connect to Eduroam
    Select wifi and connect to Eduroam

  5. Change settings for connecting to the network

    Use the following settings:
    EAP Method: TTLS
    Phase 2 authentication: PAP
    CA certificate: (Unspecified)
    Identitet: Type your ORU account user name followed by @oru.se
    Anonymous identity: This is an email address
    Password: Type in the password which you created earlier for using wireless networks (step 1)
    Select Connect

  6. Your Android device is now connected to eduroam

    If you have any questions, visit IT Services in Långhuset.