Fire protection, fire extinguisher equipment and evacuation

Fire protection at Örebro University

In the event of fire

  1. Evacuate the building
  2. Rescue Person(s) who are in obvious danger
  3. Call 112 – Rescue Services (Räddningstjänsten) via SOS Alarm Centre
  4. Extinguish: Only if it is safe to do so

Other: Close doors

For further information check the evacuation plan allocated in each building.

Fire extinguisher equipment

A fire that is detected early is often very easy to extinguish with the fire extinguisher equipment provided at the university. There are fire extinguishers and fire hoses in all the corridors and in places  where there is an increased risk of fire.

Fire hose

There are boxes with fire hoses placed all over the campus area. The location of the fire hose boxes are marked with signs.

  • Open the fire hose box.
  • Next to the fire hose there are instructions.
  • Pull out the fire hose.
  • Turn on the water tap.
  • Hold on to the end of the fire hose.
  • Twist the nozzle clockwise to release the water.
  • Direct the jet towards the centre of the fire.
  • Turn the nozzle anti-clockwise to turn off thewater jet.

Fire extinguisher

There are fire extinguishers located in strategic places all over the university. The locations of the fire extinguishers are marked with signs.

  • Hold the fire extinguisher by the lower handle.
  • Pull the ring straight out to release the safety pin.
  • Keep a firm grip of the nozzle at the end of the hose.

Evacuation when the fire alarm is activated

When the fire alarm sounds you should always evacuate the building. All emergency exits are clearly signposted. At the entrance of each building and at the entrance of each school and department there are boards with evacuation plans, which give information about how to evacuate the building. The plan also shows where the nearest fire extinguisher, fire hose and fire alarm button are located.
When you have exited the building you should proceed to the assembly point. The assembly point is always the sports field outside the Gymnasium building regardless of what building you are in. At the assembly point you wait for further instructions.

General fire protection rules

  • Smoking indoors is prohibited, nor are you allowed to smoke any closer than 15 metres away from the entrance of a building. The cigarettes must be put out in an ash tray.
  • Electrical equipment, such as kettles, coffee machines and hobs should always be equipped with a timer.
  • Fire doors must not be left open, not even temporarily, with a doorstop or other obstacle.
  • Fire extinguisher equipment must not be blocked.
  • Emergency exits must not be blocked.

Fire protection information if you are hearingimpaired, deaf, visually impaired or have another functional disorder hinder

If you are hearing-impaired, deaf, visually impaired or have any other functional disorder it may be difficult to perceive an emergency alarm. Not all facilities are equipped with optical alarm devices. Contact your school to make sure that you are familiar with the evacuation plan in case of a fire.