Heart starters, first aid and crisis support

Heart starter – Defibrillator

At Campus Örebro there are heart starters located here:

  • Långhuset, Info Centre
  • Prismahuset, Main entrance
  • Bilbergska huset, Main entrance
  • Musikhögskolan, at Hörsal M
  • Gymnasitkhuset, at Campusgymmet reception
  • Teknikhuset, at the southern entrance
  • Entréhuset, to the right of the reception
  • Novahuset, adjacent to the Main entrance
  • Universitetsbiblioteket (University Library), Café Lyktan

Here is a link to Mazemap to help locate the heart starters at Campus Örebro.

At Campus Grythyttan you will find a heart starter/defibrillator in Måltidens hus, in the main entrance.

Here is a link to Mazemap to help locate the heart starter at Campus Grythyttan.

At Campus USÖ you will find a heart starter/defibrillator by the elevator in the middle of the building on floor 1.

Here is a link to Mazemap to help locate the heart starter at Campus USÖ.

First aid and crisis support

At all the schools, departments and in places where there is an increased accident risk, there are first aid panels. These panels have a first aid kit and plasters etcetera for basic wound dressing. Some panels also have eye wash. Please contact your school to find out where your closest panel hangs.

Also, all the schools have the means to provide crisis support if ever there is a need. As a student at the university you have the right to crisis support. Contact your study counsellor, the university chaplaincy or the student union for more information.