Prevention of thefts and lost property

Prevent thefts

Opportunity makes the thief – even at the university where every year there are a few thefts. The easiest way to avoid theft is to not leave items, which are especially liable to be stolen, unattended. Do not leave your computer in the lecture hall or in the group room when you go for a break. Also, do not leave valuables in your jacket or your bag if you do not keep them in sight at all times. If you have effects that you do not want to carry around with you all day, you can use the storage boxes that are available in each building on campus.

Bicycles are also especially liable to be stolen. Be careful and lock your bike and use a good-quality lock.

If you are subjected to theft you should always report it to the police

Lost property

Items of lost property are items that may have been lost or stolen. If you find a lost item, please hand it in to the Info Centre in the Long Building or leave it to the police’s lost property department. If you have lost something, please go to the Info Centre and/or the police’s lost property department.