Grading decisions - reviews and corrections

A grading decision may not be appealed against. However, a grading decision can be rectified either through a review or correction.


If the university finds that a grading decision is incorrect, the decision will be changed if it can be done easily and does not mean that the grade is lowered. The request for a review must contain a clear description, with arguments as to why and in what way the grade is incorrect.

Please note that a review of the exam is based on the submitted assignment/completed presentation or the like and that personal or other external circumstances can not be taken in consideration. A review does not mean that the exam is assessed by new teachers. Reviews are carried out by the course examiner.

The following examples of reasons are usually not sufficient for changing a grade decisions, because there is no detailed explanation of why the grade decision is incorrect:

  • "I have looked at another student's exam and think that I should get as many points as our answers are similar."
  • "I'm close to the highest grade . Can you see if you can find a few more points?".
  • "I think I should get another point on question x."
  • "Can you grade my exam again?."

Remember to wait for any exam review before requesting a review!

If you want to request an review, please follow this link and fill out the provided web form.


Correctional issues (eg incorrect summary of points or questions that have not been evaluated) are handled by the relevant teacher. If you wish to request a correction, please contact your teacher.

After your request

Your request for a review is processed and a decision will normally be communicated within two working weeks.  A decision to review a grading decision may only be made by the course examiner.

Should your request be denied, the decision cannot be appealed against.

Students’ right to have their grades reviewed and corrected is set out in the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 6, Sections 23-24).