Complaints procedure


The complaint is filed and received by the vice-chancellor. The matter is registered and the university’s legal officers become administrators of the case.

The administrator checks that all the documentation in the complaint is complete. If it is not the administrator makes sure that the complaint is supplemented. It is the notifier’s duty to provide any information that the administrator might request.

The administrator sends a copy of the complaint to the student and asks the student to respond to the complaint. The response should preferably be in writing. Depending on the information emerging in the student’s representation, the matter might need further investigation by the administrator.

The administrator asks witnesses, if there are any, to respond to the complaint. The whole inquiry is in writing.

When the inquiry is concluded, the vice-chancellor shall, depending on the circumstances, decide that the matter shall

  1. be dismissed without further action;
  2. occasion a caution from the vice-chancellor; or
  3. be referred to the disciplinary committee for a hearing.

The student, the notifier and/or the school is notified in writing of the decision taken by the vice-chancellor.

Disciplinary committee meeting

If the matter is referred to the disciplinary committee, the notifier, the student and possible witnesses are called to the disciplinary committee’s meeting.

During the meeting the notifier, the student and witnesses, if any, are given the opportunity to respond to the complaint by speaking before the committee. The disciplinary committee is composed of the vice-chancellor, a legally trained judge, a teacher representative and a student representative. The administrator is also present at the meeting, taking the minutes and acting as rapporteur. If any of the persons who have responded during the inquiry would not be present, a statement of what that person has said will be read before the committee.

During the meeting the disciplinary committee is given the chance to ask the persons present further questions.

After the meeting, the committee withdraws to consider its decision.

If the student has been present at the meeting, he/she will have to wait outside until the committee’s consideration is over. Immediately after the committee’s consideration he/she will be told of the committee´s decision.

A written copy of the decision is always sent by post to the student.