What are the consequences of a disciplinary decision?

The disciplinary committee may take disciplinary action against students who have committed a disciplinary offence. The disciplinary measures which may be imposed are caution and suspension.


A caution can be issued by both the vice-chancellor and the disciplinary committee.


A suspension decision can only be rendered by the disciplinary committee. A suspension decision means that the student for the duration of the suspension period may not attend any academic activities, such as teaching or exams, or any other activities within the framework of the studies at Örebro University. The suspension may not be more than six months in total.

A suspension decision takes effect on the day after the disciplinary committee’s decision is rendered, unless otherwise stated in the decision.

When a student is suspended, the notifier and the school with which the student is enrolled are informed, as well as the Student Records Administration, Student Services and CSN (National Board of Student Aid), etc.

CSN shall be informed as the student is not entitled to student grants during the suspension period.

The student should contact the study guidance officer for more information concerning what happens with his/her studies or how he/she can resume the studies after the suspension period.