What happens with the examination?

Neither the disciplinary committee nor the vice-chancellor can decide whether an exam/paper should pass or fail. That is determined by the examiner. Normally the examiner postpones the examination pending the decision whether an offence has been committed or not. When the decision in the disciplinary matter has been made, the examiner makes a decision on the examination issue.

If the student is cleared by the disciplinary committee

Examination should normally take place if cheating has not been proved. The examination should be the same as if no complaint had been filed.

If the student is found guilty by the disciplinary committee

If the student is found guilty of any kind of cheating, the examiner is not obliged to examine the exam in question. The exam is normally considered invalid if the student has cheated.

If an exam has been passed before the disciplinary committee has reached a decision, the examiner may reconsider his/her decision regarding the grade with reference to the deception and change the result to fail. Just like all decisions concerning grades, the decision of the examiner cannot be appealed to a higher body but the student may move for a review of the decision by the examiner.