Approved leave from studies and non-completion

If there are particular reasons you can be allowed to continue your studies after an approved leave. These can be social reasons, medical reasons or for example childcare, military or civilian service or work for the students' union. During an approved leave you will keep your place on the programme. If you would like to apply for an approved leave, please contact the Study Advisors at your school.

Please be aware that an approved leave from studies could affect your visa, residence permit and/or scholarship. In addition, please check if you fulfill the prerequisites for the course(s) you plan to take when you resume your studies.

If you do not want to complete your studies but retain the right to apply later for the course you shall within three weeks after the course has started, notify the Study Advisors of your non-completion. If you interrupt your studies later than three weeks after the beginning of the course you will have to notify the study guidance officer at the school in question in writing.