Dance for Health

People reaching for each other´s hands

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself to always do well in different situations? Does the stress cause you to suffer from symptoms like headaches or stomach aches? Then Dance for Health is for you!

The dancegroup is now full. 

Wednesday february 7 at 17:00-18:00

Location: M156

8 sessions

Bring a water bottle, we will bring fruit.

This group is for you who may not be used to dancing but who are curious about exploring the magic of movement and how movement and dance can increase your well-being and lower stress levels.  Every session includes dance, other activitvites and relaxation.

The activity is based on Örebro University researcher Anna Duberg's evidence-based method “Dance for health”. The method focuses on the joy of movement and on social belonging without any pressure to perform. When we dance, we become more mindful of our body and allow the mind to rest. 

Dance for Health  is free of charge.

The grup is led by: Sofia Thevathason, councellor Student Health Center